Do You Need a "Phoner?"

What’s that sneaking suspicion…. Are you leaving an opportunity on the table somewhere? You’re pounding the pavement, meeting prospects and closing, delivering on your promises. Check, Check, and Check. Does it feel a little like rinse and repeat? Is this what you’ll do, forever? Transactions can feel empty on their own. Here’s another sneaky worry: is your team running hard too, and feeling depleted, especially after this challenging year? You need a new strategy.

You see the opportunity right there –it’s your existing clients! They know you, the trust is built in. You need to get in front of them again. How do you keep what you already started warm and bubbling? You probably think the fix is “getting a phoner…”  but guess what?

Phoners are retired.

Was that a shock? Let me explain. When was the last time you met a stewardess? At your office, is there a secretary getting your coffee? Right. Things...

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