Hello, I'm Christy!

I help financial services professionals

outperform the competition by 

turning their lukewarm clients

into raving fans.

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I help financial services professionals outperform the competition by turning their lukewarm clients into raving fans.

Schedule a FREE 20 Minute Consult

Why Ogilvie Consulting?


You have a problem. It’s a good problem, but you need a solution. 

When you began, you worked closely with your clients, and checked in regularly.

You were everything, for everybody.

Now, your practice has grown. 

You're at capacity!

Running hard, feeling tapped out.

It's a lot, being the only Rainmaker for your business.

Recent events have accelerated what was already happening. Working from home...with all those virtual meetings... it's tougher to develop strong ties. With your team peddling as fast as they can, too, building crucial soft skills becomes a time-consuming challenge. And just maybe, they see the "relationship stuff" as your job.

I will help identify overlooked opportunities, working with you to create a custom roadmap to success. And an efficient system to keep it all cycling efficiently. 

I will work with you to

  • Grow client retention
  • Increase client referrals
  • Retain your team members’ loyalty
  • Meet the ultimate goal:  record-breaking service and income
  • Take time to enjoy the rewards that come with meeting your goals


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With my coaching, plus the e-course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery, you and your growing practice will become more relational, less transactional. And your raving fans --I mean, devoted long-term clients!--will feel compelled to introduce their trusted friends to your business.



Who is Christy?

Hello, I'm Christy Ogilvie, master of "PLEASANT PERSISTENCE"

What do I do? Besides coaching financial advisors of all company affiliations, I charm clients and prospects into active planning relationships every day. My teammates call me the Unicorn—because what I do is rare. My goal is to develop a herd of Client Relations Unicorns in the business world.

Advisors I work with told so many others I was the secret to their newfound success, I launched Ogilvie Consulting. I engage with Financial Advisors to

  • Grow their client retention
  • Increase client referrals, and
  • Retain their great team members’ loyalty
  • The ultimate goal: record-breaking service and income

The balance between art & marketing is my craft. I teach people to use their inborn personalities to create warm interactions, using technology to automate contacting routines.

My online course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery, supports my coaching, teaching the science behind big-hearted, efficient client relations.

Each practice I work with has tracked tremendous growth in income AND in client loyalty. They've seen

  • risk production rise 34%+
  • investment income growth of 30-45%
  • and last year, a record 67% in investment income growth

The managing partner of my network office says, “I have observed Christy to be the most effective Communications Manager in my 30+ years… She is the Gold Standard in my eyes.”

Connect with me for a Free Consultation about your practice. I will create a custom roadmap for your success.

Curious about my e-course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery? Go to the Services page for more.

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