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Client Stories

Eric Neumann

Practice Asset, Time Saver

"Christy’s service impacts my business: I kept 50 meetings per month in 2013 without her. In 2014, she joined my practice and I kept 56 meetings per month. My clients use my full spectrum services more, so risk clients are becoming investment clients. In 2017, my investment income was up +45%. 2018 & 2019 were great years, and for 2020, I've increased my new assets by 67%.

She helps me create work/life balance. Christy’s methods give clients the amount of attention they want, and I have time to build lasting relationships in a more measured way."

Eric Jörg Neumann CLU, CASL, ChFC, RICP | Wealth Management Advisor,  Northwestern Mutual 

Tom Goris

The Gold Standard

“Christy joined our office in 2014 and quickly demonstrated her ability to connect with and re-engage clients. Simply put, I have observed Christy to be the most effective Communications Manager in my 30+ years with Northwestern Mutual. She is the Gold Standard in my eyes. Advisors who work with Christy have calendars filled with appointments.

She has contracted with several practices in my network, coaching staff and advisors in the art of communication, while leveraging today's technology. Her techniques are efficient, effective, and transferable.

I highly recommend advisors of all levels consider working with Christy to spur growth and lifetime relationships with their clients.”

Thomas E. Goris, Jr. CLU, ChFC | Managing PartnerNorthwestern Mutual Greater Chicago

Cheyenne Farrell Alvarez

Saved me time, the First WEEK!

Christy trained my newest team member, who has been helping me with existing and new clients for about 6 months now. I must say, he saved me time the first WEEK I brought him into my practice. He keeps my calendar full, allowing me to focus on what I do best—being with my clients. I’m able to make a larger impact on my community because I’m in front of people, instead of calling them. I would recommend Christy to anyone looking to take their practice to the next level!"

Cheyenne Alvarez-Farrell | Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Harry Mathur

 A Strong Endorsement

“Colleagues I respect told me I simply must bring in Christy to teach a clinic. Consultants call on me a lot, but seldom one with such a strong endorsement. I was excited to bring in Christy to add value with my financial planners, both veterans and rising. She did not disappoint. I got wonderful feedback: the techniques she uses enhance the core fundamentals learned in the Advisor Academy. Some of my people have remained engaged with Christy, and hired staff trained by her to help with their communication efforts. I look forward to working with her in the future!”

Harry Mathur CFP® ChFC® CLU®RICP®CLTC® | Managing Director, Financial Advisor | The Mathur Financial Group, Northwestern Mutual

Josh Lerner

Client Charmer, Growth Facilitator

"Christy is vital to our growth. She has increased our social media presence, running both LinkedIn and Facebook posts, keeping us relevant and top of mind with clients. I’ve received GREAT feedback from clients regarding their interactions with her. My calendar is always full! Our consistency in connecting with clients has had a positive impact on our client relationships. I feel Christy truly cares, and wants, the practice to grow. I have complete trust and confidence that she takes great care of our clients and is a great representative for our team!"

Joshua S. Lerner, CFP®, CLU | Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Not only for new hires but a great resource for seasoned team members. Everyone can learn something from Christy’s course!

"8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery is nothing short of 5 stars! I took this course recently as a “refresher." It is just as wonderful in the new format, packed with everything you need to be successful. Christy’s experience shines through with each module of the course. From templates to language, each week you'll become more comfortable and your confidence will grow. Truly all the tools you need to be successful, all while having Christy at your side every step of the way!" 

Mary Marsalla | Client Relations & Marketing, Northwestern Mutual


A Great Investment

"Christy has made an immediate impact with our new marketing hire, Mary. We saw right away  Mary’s excitement for her role and daily activities. After a couple of weeks working with Mary, we are already coming in every Monday with full calendars. Hiring Christy was the best money we spent this year!"

James Kratochvil & Joshua Byrd, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®|Northwestern Mutual

James Connelly

Consistent, Personal

"Christy and I have worked together since 2014. In that time she has become an irreplaceable part of our team, and the level of client relations she provides is unparalleled! Christy has done an incredible job managing our client base and fortifying those relationships along the way by personalizing every single interaction. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle such a critical aspect of our practice. Since 2014, we have seen an increase of +34% in risk production and +113% IPS production from our existing client base."

James Connelly | Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Alex Freund

Rocket Booster

“Christy gave my newest team member strategies for contacting and following up with clients. Christy’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious, and she provided a rocket booster to my team’s communication efforts. She gives personalized attention while incorporating strategies with CRM technology. Her consulting would be an asset to any team to help their business grow.”

Alex Freund, CFP®, CLU®, CPA® | Financial Advisor Northwestern Mutual

Derek Peterson

High Praise for What Really Works!

"Upon hearing high praise from my colleagues, I engaged Christy for her “8 Weeks to Mastery” program, providing marketing training for my associate. It was good to have someone exclusively dedicated to these activities share what really works. Her detailed recaps of each coaching session were very reassuring --the time and money was well spent. I’d recommend any tenured advisor speak with Christy about how she is able to help their practice."

Derek S. Peterson, CFP®, CRPS® | Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Paul Mabin

Christy's Course is the Secret Weapon

“I am blown away by the online course 8 Weeks to Relationship Mastery!

Each module meticulously breaks down the elements to navigate the relationship between a Client Relations Expert, Financial Advisor and Client. This excellent course is designed to inform those interested in becoming a Client Relations Expert, as well as those already working in the profession. You'll gain so much insight from Christy's experience. She's dedicated to grooming you for work in the corporate arena. You will learn proper etiquette, honing the communication skills required for this job. Christy provides all the information needed to know exactly how to approach situations you will be challenged with. Besides taking you through each module, you can download great resources from her website to give you a quick start, and use as a reference for future questions. Christy's online course is the secret weapon for helping to build a successful business with your Boss and the team you work with.” 

Paul Mabin | Marketing & Client Relations, Northwestern Mutual

Brad Graham

A Pleasure to Work With

“Ogilvie Consulting was most helpful in bringing my new team member up to speed with clarity and conviction to the importance of the financial help we provide clients. She offers encouragement for those new to the financial services business, and helps them understand proper verbiage for connecting with new prospects and existing clients. Christy is a pleasure to work with and an asset to our team.”

Bradford T. Graham, CLU, RHU, CLTC | Financial Advisor | Disability Insurance Specialist, Northwestern Mutual

Kenneth Fox

Pleasant and Relentless

"Since retaining Christy, I have been more productive and organized. My clients have consistently applauded my good judgment, as she is always pleasant, professional, and relentless!  Christy has been very helpful in maintaining my social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. She has been a wonderfully productive addition to my practice."

Kenneth A. Fox, J.D. | Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Ulises Ruelas

Now We Are in Business

“Christy and her team have helped tremendously with our practice. It’s finally starting to come together as I envisioned, reviews scheduled without doing it myself. Now we are starting to feel like a business.”

Ulises Ruelas | Financial Advisor | Growth & Development Director, Northwestern Mutual

Alex Pastrana

Utmost Professional Demeanor

“Christy has been an asset to my practice. I’ve known her professionally for several years, and sat right beside her for some time, hearing firsthand her approach to serving clients. Her communication style, utmost professional demeanor, and keen insight into our business make her a valuable asset for any team working with clients. Her experienced coaching and eye for talent have streamlined the hiring and training process instrumental to keeping me focused on the most important part of my practice, client acquisition and relationship building. I recommend Christy and her team.”   

Alex Pastrana | Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

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