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I show financial planners & wealth management advisors how to transform their practices into the thriving firms they're meant to be.

Big-hearted service from your loyal team creates raving fans (your clients!) who send trusted colleagues your way for expert, personal service to reach their goals.

Two Approaches: Customized Roadmap for Success

and, My Signature Online Course,

8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery

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I show financial planners, wealth management advisors & their teams how to pair CRM technology with warm-hearted communication to bind clients to their practices.

Result? Loyal, raving fans who send trusted colleagues your way for expert, personal service.

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8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery

The Course,

My Signature Program

This e-course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery, a one-of-a-kind training experience, is the foolproof approach that will equip & empower you to consistently:

  • Outshine your competition
  • Prove reliability of practice
  • Boost your reputation
  • Attract introductions & referrals

What It Includes:

  • Platinum: One-on-one, Guided 8 Weeks to Mastery Online Course, on call mentoring for 6 months, followed by an audit of new skills to polish efficiency & versatility.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • Gold: One-on-one, Guided 8 Weeks to Mastery Online Course, includes 2 coaching sessions in months following completion, to troubleshoot challenges & fine tune competence. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • Silver: 8 Weeks to Mastery online course, plus 2 private coaching sessions to enhance independent study & build capability. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
  • Bronze: 8 Weeks to Mastery online course independent learning for self starters includes 2 months of email exchanges with me, to enhance skills & professionalism.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

What is Covered:

  • Fresh approaches to the Client Engagement Cycle
  • Contacting made simple, with CRM technology 
  • Big-hearted communication, by phone & in writing
  • Specific templates & scripts to build confidence
  • Concierge-level client relations 

Customized Training for Financial Representatives

Stage 1:

New Reps, who've created a client database

  • Reconnect with your one-time customers
  • Establish regular contacting cycle
  • Automate outreach
  • Fine-tune communication style

Stage 2:

Established Reps, ready to rocket to the next level

  • Re-engage, bring customers into active relationship
  • Market to specific needs
  • Connect with risk clients
  • Segment and cross-sell

Stage 3:

Successful Veterans, with dedicated team members

  • Funnel client engagement by segment
  • Identify circles of influence
  • Become a referral source
  • Create concierge practice with A+ clients

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