IRL or Virtual: Why do you need a Client Relations Expert?

How we share information has evolved. Much of our life is conducted online, especially now. We research products. We follow sports, read the news and play games. We laugh at cat videos. Streaming services bring entertainment to us everywhere. The virtual is a tool and a companion.


So, what happens IRL? IRL = In Real Life, in text and social media posts.

What, exactly, requires face-to-face time? Friendship. Family. Romance. The ones we trust are those we see, in person, a lot.


Building Trust, Putting in the Time

In financial planning, how do you balance the personal and the virtual? Your clients work with you when they trust you. Your connection to them offers something crafted to their needs. You build that trust in person. And maintain it In Person.

You may disagree with this: social media, websites, and online services enhance, but they do not build. A human voice, a handshake, sitting across a table sharing ideas… these things build connections.
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