What Does a Client Relations Manager Do for You?

What is more powerful? You telling someone about how terrific you are at your work? Or someone with no agenda, telling a friend or colleague your practice has changed their life for the better? Even more, it’s made them enjoy creating security and wealth?

There is power in it, when a person --who is not you-- says your name. There is power in your name when it appears in a message from someone else.
Your Client Relations Manager is a consistent voice, dropping your name into clients’ and prospects’ daily awareness.
The appointment is the big goal: put a meeting on the calendar. The secondary goal builds energy—it answers the questions: Who helps me stay on track with my budget? Who gives me trustworthy advice? Who raises topics I hadn’t considered, and guides me through complex financial events?
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Your name, said by another, in a friendly, timely manner… That is the magic. You become the Go-To for your...
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