Master Class for the New Year

The popular series, Master Class, offers courses in just about anything you’re interested in, from fiction writing to fashion, cookery to psychology. Whatever sparks your curiosity, you can sign on for a series hosted by your favorite expert. You've noticed corporate offices and small businesses choose online education for employees at every level, too.


Ogilvie Consulting helps financial services professionals outperform the competition by turning their lukewarm clients into raving fans. How?


When the pandemic put an end to my in-person coaching, I realized quickly that reaching people wherever they were was my first challenge. Offices were empty. While nothing replaces the warmth of face to face meetings, it was possible to migrate most of my material to…  an online course (jazz hands, big smile)


What could go wrong?

You and I have been subjected to run-of-the-mill power point presentations with dreary commentary. We know this is not a...

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Focus on Phoning & Follow-Up

Recently, I held clinics for two Northwestern Mutual Greater Chicago offices, sharing my methods for client contacting and follow-up. The conference room was filled with financial representatives and staff, looking for new ideas to engage clients.

My secret is warm-hearted communication paired with technology.
When I reach people, I’m human—interested in their lives, focused on their needs. More importantly, I’m sensitive to their timelines. In other words, I treat each person as if their lives matter.
Follow-up can be infuriating. People have so much on their plates, they don't always respond to calls and emails. I simplify this painful issue, creating new habits to make sure no one falls through the cracks. Clients receive service. We learn more about each relationship.

Result: the practice evaluates this information regularly—sorting who is a customer, and who is a long-term client.

At the end of the presentation, an advisor...
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