Do You Need a "Phoner?"

What’s that sneaking suspicion…. Are you leaving an opportunity on the table somewhere? You’re pounding the pavement, meeting prospects and closing, delivering on your promises. Check, Check, and Check. Does it feel a little like rinse and repeat? Is this what you’ll do, forever? Transactions can feel empty on their own. Here’s another sneaky worry: is your team running hard too, and feeling depleted, especially after this challenging year? You need a new strategy.

You see the opportunity right there –it’s your existing clients! They know you, the trust is built in. You need to get in front of them again. How do you keep what you already started warm and bubbling? You probably think the fix is “getting a phoner…”  but guess what?

Phoners are retired.

Was that a shock? Let me explain. When was the last time you met a stewardess? At your office, is there a secretary getting your coffee? Right. Things...

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Master Class for the New Year

The popular series, Master Class, offers courses in just about anything you’re interested in, from fiction writing to fashion, cookery to psychology. Whatever sparks your curiosity, you can sign on for a series hosted by your favorite expert. You've noticed corporate offices and small businesses choose online education for employees at every level, too.


Ogilvie Consulting helps financial services professionals outperform the competition by turning their lukewarm clients into raving fans. How?


When the pandemic put an end to my in-person coaching, I realized quickly that reaching people wherever they were was my first challenge. Offices were empty. While nothing replaces the warmth of face to face meetings, it was possible to migrate most of my material to…  an online course (jazz hands, big smile)


What could go wrong?

You and I have been subjected to run-of-the-mill power point presentations with dreary commentary. We know this is not a...

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Online Course 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery is here!


I'm happy to share today, the online course is complete. This unique 8 Week program teaches the skills required to transform your lukewarm clients into loyal raving fans. Explore my site for details, then set up a free 20 minute consultation with me.

I look forward to helping you and your team become Client Relationship Masters!

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IRL or Virtual: Why do you need a Client Relations Expert?

How we share information has evolved. Much of our life is conducted online, especially now. We research products. We follow sports, read the news and play games. We laugh at cat videos. Streaming services bring entertainment to us everywhere. The virtual is a tool and a companion.


So, what happens IRL? IRL = In Real Life, in text and social media posts.

What, exactly, requires face-to-face time? Friendship. Family. Romance. The ones we trust are those we see, in person, a lot.


Building Trust, Putting in the Time

In financial planning, how do you balance the personal and the virtual? Your clients work with you when they trust you. Your connection to them offers something crafted to their needs. You build that trust in person. And maintain it In Person.

You may disagree with this: social media, websites, and online services enhance, but they do not build. A human voice, a handshake, sitting across a table sharing ideas… these things build connections.
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So Many Names, So Much To Do

See that long list of one-time clients in your files? Those people trusted you once already. You know them fairly well. These relationships have potential to grow.

Don't Leave Opportunity on the Table

Nearly everyone has more planning to do – financial plans aren’t a one-and-done event. And, goals evolve. You know that.

How often do you remind your clients of this important fact? Did you tell them last time you chatted, that you intend to have on-going conversations to help them stay on track, to re-calibrate the plan when necessary?

You invested time to create trust

  • You met each prospect, you listened carefully and engaged them, uncovered a few needs, answered their questions. Your potential client believed you, felt safe enough to share personal information and moved ahead with a plan of action. Terrific!
  • You walked them through the process of qualifying for insurance, guided them as they set up a plan for retirement savings and their children’s education. You...
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What Does a Client Relations Manager Do for You?

What is more powerful? You telling someone about how terrific you are at your work? Or someone with no agenda, telling a friend or colleague your practice has changed their life for the better? Even more, it’s made them enjoy creating security and wealth?

There is power in it, when a person --who is not you-- says your name. There is power in your name when it appears in a message from someone else.
Your Client Relations Manager is a consistent voice, dropping your name into clients’ and prospects’ daily awareness.
The appointment is the big goal: put a meeting on the calendar. The secondary goal builds energy—it answers the questions: Who helps me stay on track with my budget? Who gives me trustworthy advice? Who raises topics I hadn’t considered, and guides me through complex financial events?
Get the Magic Formula
Your name, said by another, in a friendly, timely manner… That is the magic. You become the Go-To for your...
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