How Are You Addressing Your Clients’ Realistic Fears, One Year into the Pandemic?

I’m humbled by the positive feedback I’ve received on my recent blog series. One question on everyone’s mind is: what is the best way to grow our firm’s business when there is so much financial uncertainty?

How do we assuage our clients’ concerns, considering how many businesses are struggling during this pandemic? Even though the economy is rebounding, it’s slow going. You can make your own list of businesses hit hard in recent months. Here’s a start—hospitality (restaurants, hotels, resorts); the gathering industry (conferences, trade shows, weddings); live music (small clubs & concert venues);  live theatre,  with the many professionals working behind the scenes; face to face helping professions; plus suppliers adjacent to all of the previous in this list.

Outperform the competition by cultivating TRUST

Because of this environment, the time to improve client engagement skills is now. They are key to maintaining and...

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Work Anywhere, Learn Anywhere, Connect Anywhere (but, something’s still snagging your sweater….)

2020 hid some gifts inside that big helping of “No, thank you.” I don’t know if you were as productive as Sir Isaac Newton was during the plague of 1666 …. When he left college to shelter at home, he discovered integral calculus, and gravity, and studied optics. But I know for sure that you rose to the challenge!

The biggest gain I’ve noticed: we are not limited by geography anymore. Work Anywhere. Learn Anywhere. Connect Anywhere. Everyone, young and old, learned how to “Zoom.” All of us miss real across-the-table time, so honestly connecting is more important than ever before. It’s crucial to gain and maintain the trust of your clients. The soft skill of listening and relating personally is essential.

Are you confident your team is as comfortable in this area as you are?

This can be a sticky wicket for many financial practices. You ask so much of your staff. Their days are super busy. While you’ve built a foundation with each...

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I Don't Have to Be a Unicorn

“This is such a big job—it’s so many steps—ACK.” The furrowed brow, “I have so much to do already…” Resigned face, “I don’t know what to say on the phone, and those emails take FOREVER.”

Sound familiar? I know how it feels, facing a daunting, multi-element task, not sure I can fit it in around all the other work on my desk. Next comes procrastination. Fear of failure, of being less than perfect… I procrastinated all day before I wrote this!

The single, most common challenge shared with me by Everyone Ever is client engagement. The first contact, the follow up, the next attempt, finally scheduling an appointment, the last minute cancellation, the rebooking queries… it feels so impossible.

You, the advisor, have honed your communication skills, and you know the client. You built rapport with them in the beginning. Your staff, however, doesn’t have that foundation. And you need to delegate this cycle...

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