Work Anywhere, Learn Anywhere, Connect Anywhere (but, something’s still snagging your sweater….)

2020 hid some gifts inside that big helping of “No, thank you.” I don’t know if you were as productive as Sir Isaac Newton was during the plague of 1666 …. When he left college to shelter at home, he discovered integral calculus, and gravity, and studied optics. But I know for sure that you rose to the challenge!

The biggest gain I’ve noticed: we are not limited by geography anymore. Work Anywhere. Learn Anywhere. Connect Anywhere. Everyone, young and old, learned how to “Zoom.” All of us miss real across-the-table time, so honestly connecting is more important than ever before. It’s crucial to gain and maintain the trust of your clients. The soft skill of listening and relating personally is essential.

Are you confident your team is as comfortable in this area as you are?

This can be a sticky wicket for many financial practices. You ask so much of your staff. Their days are super busy. While you’ve built a foundation with each client, a comfort level with each person, for your team, every call could become an obstacle course (what to say if she asks me about…?), and emailing feels like an endless back and forth (how do I stay on top of scheduling all these people??). Your staffers don’t need extra stress…your practice needs a simple system to get this important aspect of your business under control.

I teach warm-hearted communication with tech savvy solutions, to bind clients to you for the long term.

I created my online course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery, to stop the sweater-snagging frustration your team grumbles about. With short, digestible learning modules, downloadable scripts and templates, plus tailored support from me, you’ll be on the way to having a Client Relations Expert in your office.

Don’t be lured into the old ways, when a “phoner” just smiled and dialed. Are you still summoning the stewardess when you fly? Things are evolving, in the best of ways!

Your clients need attention. They want to feel valued. When your staff has a foolproof method for interacting with every contact, you have a Happy Team, and clients become raving fans of your practice.

The skills I teach are transferable, and repeatable. Added bonus: happy, equipped staffers stay with you. Satisfied clients build holistic financial plans and can’t help but introduce their friends and colleagues to your big-hearted practice.

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