So Many Names, So Much To Do

See that long list of one-time clients in your files? Those people trusted you once already. You know them fairly well. These relationships have potential to grow.

Don't Leave Opportunity on the Table

Nearly everyone has more planning to do – financial plans aren’t a one-and-done event. And, goals evolve. You know that.

How often do you remind your clients of this important fact? Did you tell them last time you chatted, that you intend to have on-going conversations to help them stay on track, to re-calibrate the plan when necessary?

You invested time to create trust

  • You met each prospect, you listened carefully and engaged them, uncovered a few needs, answered their questions. Your potential client believed you, felt safe enough to share personal information and moved ahead with a plan of action. Terrific!
  • You walked them through the process of qualifying for insurance, guided them as they set up a plan for retirement savings and their children’s education. You know each other pretty well.
  • They trusted you because you listened, and responded in ways that met their needs. You showed up when you said you would. You told the truth.


It's Time to Touch Base

A year has gone by. Two years, five years. Have you been in touch? Or, are you always moving on to the next prospect? If you’re growing, this is likely to be true. But…

How can you show up consistently for each of these people who trusted you to help them already? You are only one person. How can you prove their trust in you was worthwhile? You don't have to do it all alone.

You have underwriters, staff who track down details, take medical histories. You can automate monthly or quarterly goals. You have support from the home office and your managing partner.


Who is in touch with your clients?

Who checks in about the new job, the baby on the way, the approaching wedding or graduation?

How many hours are there in a day, in a month? You can’t do it all.

You need a Client Relations Manager—a person dedicated to your clients, with organization and warmth—a person who knows your calendar, and your goals.

I'm here, offering my  experience, to show your team member the most efficient methods to stay connected to your client base, to help you identify who is a customer and who is a client.
I can help you bind your clients to your practice for a lifetime of service.
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