IRL or Virtual: Why do you need a Client Relations Expert?

How we share information has evolved. Much of our life is conducted online, especially now. We research products. We follow sports, read the news and play games. We laugh at cat videos. Streaming services bring entertainment to us everywhere. The virtual is a tool and a companion.


So, what happens IRL? IRL = In Real Life, in text and social media posts.

What, exactly, requires face-to-face time? Friendship. Family. Romance. The ones we trust are those we see, in person, a lot.


Building Trust, Putting in the Time

In financial planning, how do you balance the personal and the virtual? Your clients work with you when they trust you. Your connection to them offers something crafted to their needs. You build that trust in person. And maintain it In Person.

You may disagree with this: social media, websites, and online services enhance, but they do not build. A human voice, a handshake, sitting across a table sharing ideas… these things build connections.

You Don't Have to Do it All by Yourself

There are only so many hours in a day. You need a Client Relations Expert. Your clients need to hear another voice say your name. They respond when they see your name written by someone else.

 We crave connection.

Calling clients, I feel it when I hear a voice on the phone: is he distracted or busy—I can be brief and disconnect politely; I feel it when she wants to engage. They have questions, or they want to crack a joke, or they’re grieving and need to know they aren’t alone.

Email is personal as well. Clients reveal their communication style, tidbits about themselves, and make requests. All of these are gold when building relationships.

The more you engage with people on their timeline, and stay aware of what they value, the more strongly bonded they are to your practice.

Social Media is not a Relationship 

A LinkedIn post or an article on Facebook play a role in your visibility. But, a person in your practice dedicated to staying in contact with your clients has impact. Clients feel their value when your practice shows it, personally.

Your business is in a higher category when you include a human touch.


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