I Don't Have to Be a Unicorn

“This is such a big job—it’s so many steps—ACK.” The furrowed brow, “I have so much to do already…” Resigned face, “I don’t know what to say on the phone, and those emails take FOREVER.”

Sound familiar? I know how it feels, facing a daunting, multi-element task, not sure I can fit it in around all the other work on my desk. Next comes procrastination. Fear of failure, of being less than perfect… I procrastinated all day before I wrote this!

The single, most common challenge shared with me by Everyone Ever is client engagement. The first contact, the follow up, the next attempt, finally scheduling an appointment, the last minute cancellation, the rebooking queries… it feels so impossible.

You, the advisor, have honed your communication skills, and you know the client. You built rapport with them in the beginning. Your staff, however, doesn’t have that foundation. And you need to delegate this cycle of activity, so you can concentrate on the people in front of you.

What to do?

The crucial soft skills, and the attitude adjustment, need to be nourished. You’re accustomed to investing in your professional development. You owe it to your staff to support their growth. Your team deserves to feel empowered in their language and tech skills, so the contacting cycle is efficient and effective. And, happy staff will go the extra mile for you.

Ogilvie Consulting creates Client Relations Experts. With humor, charm and a sense of fun, I coach excellent phone language, and super-effective email communication. Add in scripts, templates and my online course, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery. I break down every aspect of connecting and tracking into digestible, transferable systems.

No one balks at a job they feel equipped to do. Big-hearted, tech savvy skills push a tough job into a fruitful space where calendars fill up with interested clients. And, clients transform into raving fans of your entire team.

People I work with call me the Unicorn, because what I do, and how I do it, is rare enough to seem mythical. I propose we create a Herd of Unicorns. The professional skill of engaging and maintaining a client base is something I can teach you, and your team.

Get in touch, to learn how I can help. I'll give you a free 20 minute consultation on how to grow better, and be happier doing it.

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