How Are You Addressing Your Clients’ Realistic Fears, One Year into the Pandemic?

I’m humbled by the positive feedback I’ve received on my recent blog series. One question on everyone’s mind is: what is the best way to grow our firm’s business when there is so much financial uncertainty?

How do we assuage our clients’ concerns, considering how many businesses are struggling during this pandemic? Even though the economy is rebounding, it’s slow going. You can make your own list of businesses hit hard in recent months. Here’s a start—hospitality (restaurants, hotels, resorts); the gathering industry (conferences, trade shows, weddings); live music (small clubs & concert venues);  live theatre,  with the many professionals working behind the scenes; face to face helping professions; plus suppliers adjacent to all of the previous in this list.

Outperform the competition by cultivating TRUST

Because of this environment, the time to improve client engagement skills is now. They are key to maintaining and growing your existing business, and serve as a competitive advantage in the larger financial services industry.

There is no substitute for relationship. You can’t fake it. The small steps taken by the week, the season, and year build on themselves, creating the trust your clients crave and need. You are a fiduciary. And you prove that by showing them you’re dedicated to their well-being. 

While advisors like you are doing well, the staff you employ feel the same worries your clients do—that they may not be equipped for what’s to come. Are you confident your team feels secure? Are they evolving to meet the new climate we’re facing?

How are you serving your team, and cultivating their job satisfaction?

Financial planning is a process, not a collection of products—the relationship is paramount. To offer ongoing guidance, you need to stay connected to your clients. How do you build the trust, first, and then maintain it? How does it grow, and who tends to that process? How do you create loyal, raving fans out of lukewarm clients?

You need a crackerjack team to succeed. You want the good people you’ve brought on board to stay for the long term. My coaching, alongside the unique online course I created, 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery, will give your team the essential soft skills necessary to engage your clients, with a foolproof tech solution to make it efficient. I will walk with you while you build a system for offering top level service to your clients.

Pleasant Persistence is not just my BRAND. It’s my mission. My skills aren’t mythological; they are a methodical system of actions paired with a conscious use of warm-hearted connection. I show you how to build on the trust your clients placed in you, empowering your team to partner with you in service to your clients.

Like you, I’m passionate about this industry and want to do what I can to support your success. Let me know what your client relationship needs are, and what questions I can answer for you.

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