Do You Need a "Phoner?"

What’s that sneaking suspicion…. Are you leaving an opportunity on the table somewhere? You’re pounding the pavement, meeting prospects and closing, delivering on your promises. Check, Check, and Check. Does it feel a little like rinse and repeat? Is this what you’ll do, forever? Transactions can feel empty on their own. Here’s another sneaky worry: is your team running hard too, and feeling depleted, especially after this challenging year? You need a new strategy.

You see the opportunity right there –it’s your existing clients! They know you, the trust is built in. You need to get in front of them again. How do you keep what you already started warm and bubbling? You probably think the fix is “getting a phoner…”  but guess what?

Phoners are retired.

Was that a shock? Let me explain. When was the last time you met a stewardess? At your office, is there a secretary getting your coffee? Right. Things have changed. Flight Attendants and Executive Assistants offer more professional capabilities than their predecessors did.

What you need is a Client Relationship Expert, a person with masterful skills in communication, and tech savvy for the complex follow-ups needed to engage busy professionals like your clients.

I’ve created an online course, with personal coaching options included: 8 Weeks to Client Relationship Mastery. Your staffer will be empowered when they're equipped with the warm-hearted, efficient system I teach. The side benefit shared by my mentees: while they used to dread communication tasks ("Christy, it felt like jumping without a parachute!"), now they’re confident. I call this aspect of my mentoring the Empowerment Engine.

Invest in your team the way Corporate invests in you

There are cheaper ways to try this, with A.I. assistants (artificial intelligence) and automated schedulers. The fact is, a good ‘phoner’ used to smile and dial, and simply fill up your calendar. But things have changed. There are so many ways to connect now (multiple phone lines, video chat, email, instant messaging), people have packed schedules and unpredictable lifestyles. They’re choosey about speaking with anyone at all—lots of folks won’t answer their own phones, ever! (So, how will that phoner get the job done?)

The old approach is over. I can equip a Client Relations Expert for your team. Your staffer becomes an efficient, confident communicator in Today’s Environment. I infuse them with a particular it my secret sauce!

The New Normal is here. There’s a reason I’ve been called the Unicorn for years now, but I don't want to be the only one. My mission is to make a herd of unicorns! This is the New Way to relate to your clients, make them feel seen and understood, and bind them to your practice.

You will uncover your stable client base, such raving fans of you and your team, you’ll be gaining dozens of quality introductions to your practice.

Empowered Staff | Happy Clients | Prosperous Advisor


Post-Pandemic Positivity

We know the world will never be the same. Work relationships are forever changed. People expect more service while craving REAL connection. Now is the time to level up your way of engaging people. This is a Relationship model, offering so much more to the people you're helping. You’ll minimize the rinse and repeat cycle of ‘Selling,” and approach financial planning in a big-hearted way. You and your team will offer personal service when and how it's needed. Your Client Relationship Expert will be gathering and sorting data daily, and your practice becomes a smooth-running machine.


Feedback on my course 

“I wish I got an email from Christy every day!”

from a happy client of a Top performing financial advisor


Saved me time, the First WEEK!

“Christy trained my newest team member, who has been helping me with existing and new clients for about 6 months now. I must say, he saved me time the first WEEK I brought him into my practice. He keeps my calendar full, allowing me to focus on what I do best—being with my clients. I’m able to make a larger impact on my community because I’m in front of people, instead of calling them. I would recommend Christy to anyone looking to take their practice to the next level!"


Practice Asset, Time Saver

"(With Christy’s system in operation,) my clients use my full spectrum services more, so risk clients are becoming investment clients. In 2017, my investment income was up +45%. 2018 & 2019 were great years, and for 2020, I've increased my new assets by 67%.

She helps me create work/life balance. Christy’s methods give clients the amount of attention they want, and I have time to build lasting relationships in a more measured way."


The Gold Standard

"Simply put, I have observed Christy to be the most effective Communications Manager in my 30+ years with Northwestern Mutual. She is the Gold Standard in my eyes. Advisors who work with Christy have calendars filled with appointments."


A Great Investment

"Christy has made an immediate impact with our new marketing hire. We saw right away her excitement for her role and daily activities. After a couple of weeks working with Mary, we are already coming in every Monday with full calendars. Hiring Christy was the best money we spent this year!"


Christy's Course is the Secret Weapon

“I am blown away by the online course 8 Weeks to Relationship Mastery! Each module meticulously breaks down the elements to navigate the professional relationship between a Client Relations Expert, Financial Advisor and Client. This excellent course is designed to inform those interested in becoming a Client Relations Expert, as well as those already working in the profession. You gain so much insight from Christy's experience. She’s dedicated to grooming you for work in the corporate arena with financial service professionals. You learn proper etiquette, honing the communication skills required for this job. Christy provides valuable information needed to know exactly how to approach situations you will be challenged with. Besides taking you through each module, there are great resources from her website to give you a quick start, and use as a reference for future questions. The course is the secret weapon for helping to build a successful business with your Boss and the team you work with.” 

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