Focus on Phoning & Follow-Up

Recently, I held clinics for two Northwestern Mutual Greater Chicago offices, sharing my methods for client contacting and follow-up. The conference room was filled with financial representatives and staff, looking for new ideas to engage clients.

My secret is warm-hearted communication paired with technology.
When I reach people, I’m human—interested in their lives, focused on their needs. More importantly, I’m sensitive to their timelines. In other words, I treat each person as if their lives matter.
Follow-up can be infuriating. People have so much on their plates, they don't always respond to calls and emails. I simplify this painful issue, creating new habits to make sure no one falls through the cracks. Clients receive service. We learn more about each relationship.

Result: the practice evaluates this information regularly—sorting who is a customer, and who is a long-term client.

At the end of the presentation, an advisor came over to shake my hand, wearing a big grin. He said, “I know you’re probably busy with the practices you work with, but would you consider adding to your roster and working with me? I’m ready to bring in another employee.”

~Sean, Financial Representative, Lombard, Illinois

It doesn’t become tiresome, hearing this question. In fact, nearly every week, someone asks me to join their team, or find them someone just like me for them!

Here’s some feedback I received in my email inbox a few days later:

I get re-energized when I see you, and always leave with some great advice. Thank you for sharing and being so wonderful at what you do!”

~Mary, Client Relations & Marketing, Elgin, Illinois

 “Just yesterday, I was telling our team about your session, and how valuable I thought it was. Your positive attitude is contagious! And you definitely had some great tips to share. Thanks, Christy.”

~Becky, Director of Marketing + Client Relations, in Skokie, Illinois

“I have to say, this was the single best training I have been to with Northwestern Mutual. I really enjoyed it!

My boss asked me to inquire about having you come in and work with our team. Now is the perfect time for us to get better at what you have already perfected. Thank you!”

~Christie, Assistant to a Wealth Management Advisor, Vernon Hills, Illinois


This is what excites me about Ogilvie Consulting
People need financial planning service. Advisors and staff need to be efficient and effective. No one should be neglected or fall through the cracks of a busy practice's day-to-day. My methods keep everyone energized and growing, while serving the ones they’ve promised to help.
How does Ogilvie Consulting help Advisors and their teams?

1. 8 Weeks to Mastery, the Signature Course (Soon to be available as an Online Course!)

Full immersion in Financial Services language, communication methods, follow-up tips, CRM efficiency; plus 4 coaching sessions by video conference/phone, for a polished communication practice. 

2. "Quick & Dirty Communications Crash Course"

A short communications and efficiency course, plus optional follow-up coaching session by video conference/phone. For experienced staff.

 3. Communications Clinic 
90 minute clinic covering the best methods for client communication & follow-up, phoning & email language. Soon to be available in Online Course format!
4. The Manual 
My complete communications and technology efficiency handbook, includes scripts and email templates for all financial planning needs. Copyrighted 2018.
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